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Buy organic seeds, grains, supplies, hydrogen peroxide food grade

Sprout Master, is a Canadian business dedicated to the distribution of health conscious products.

We are a distributor of quality sprouting supplies, National distributors of "Healthy Harvest" Fruit & Vegetable Wash, Organic Chocolate and St. Claires Organic Sweets and Soothers.

Other products include the Food Pantrie sprouter/dehydrator, sprouting screens, Easy Sprout Sprouter, 35% Ultra Pure Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide and over 60 varieties of Certified Organic Seed, Beans and Grain.

We also supply select healthful living products which include Bragg All Purpose Seasoning (liquid Aminos), Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, and Bragg's Organic Extra Virgin 1st Cold Pressed Olive Oil.

Other products include Kombucha Culture, Kombucha Continuous Fermentation Kegs & Accessories, NeemAura Naturals, Nature's Alchemy Essential Oils and Mineral Baths, Pure Sweet Almond Oil, Auromere Ayurvedic products, Ayate Natural Fiber Washcloth and supporting books and literature.

We test and research all of our product. We continuously investigate new ways to make all of our products to work for you.

Our products are packaged/processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts and other allergens.

At Sproutmaster, we believe that a business should support it's community.



We are currently supporters and/or members of the following worthy organizations:
  • Kombucha Int.
  • The David Suzuki Foundation
  • Toronto Vegetarian Association
  • Canadian Natural Hygiene Society





You can view a complete selection of products on Tachyon Technoligies website visit them and let us know what you would like to order (let us take care of the shipping and brokerage fees for you!)





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